Organize digital documents
Add documents to your library
Highlight, mark up and add sticky notes
Mark up and cross reference your documents
Collaborate in real-time
Share your documents and annotations
Cross reference documents and annotations
Arlene is currently researching on a specific topic of her interest. This extensive research has taken Arlene through several PDF, Word and PowerPoint documents, as well as through several videos and web pages. Given the current stage of the research, it is difficult for Arlene to recall which documents she has annotated, and this forces her to search through the documents using traditional methods.

Using Axiom, Arlene can add the various types of documents (PDF, Word, PowerPoint) onto a bookshelf. She also has several web articles which she can save on Axiom, as well as links to the videos related to her research. Axiom provides her the ability to label her annotations within these documents making it effortless for her to find the references across any type of document.
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